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Cécile Van den Avenne - Sociolinguistique
Title: Cécile Van den Avenne - Sociolinguistique
Creator: Van den Avenne, Cécile
Abstract: Homepage of a French linguist who does research on sociolinguistic topics in Mali (Bamanankan / Bambara) and France. Many of her published articles can be downloaded as fulltexts for free. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Fields of Research:Sociolinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Ideology of language, Linguistics and Colonialism, West Africa
Keywords: French; Bamanankan / Bambara; ethnology / anthropology / ethnography; colonialism; Creole languages; linguistics; multilingualism; sociolinguistics; language development; language change
Countries: France;
Subject areas: Language » Generalities;
Language » Language Policy;
Language » Languages of African Origin;
Language » Languages of European Origin
Location of the site's editor: France
Resource type: Researcher Homepages and Websites;
Collections of Working Papers, Preprints;
Other Collections of Fulltexts and Sources
Language: French
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