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LUMINA - An interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
Title: LUMINA - An interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
Creator: Holy Name University <Tagbilaran City>
Abstract: This Filipino journal suprisingly provides a platform for many Nigerian researchers and topics. One focus is on Nigerian oral literature and tradition.
Table of contents: Excerpt:• The Role Of Religion In The Institution Of Chieftaincy: The Case Of The Akan Of Ghana• The Five Pillars Of Islam And National Development In Nigeria• Self Identity And Chieftancy Titles Among The Igbo Of Southeastern Nigeria• Reconstructing Identities: Through Resistance In Postcolonial Women's Writing: A Reading Of Ezeigbo's The Last Of The Strong Ones• Technologizing Oral Texts: Archiving Yoruba Oral Literature Through New Technological Media• Poverty As Statescraft: Preliminary Reflection On African Leadership• Rulers Against Writers, Writers Against Rulers: The Failed Promise Of The Public Sphere In Postcolonial Nigerian Fiction• A Historian's Method Of Niger Delta Studies Before A.d. 2000• Fanon And Cabral On Culture And National Liberation• The Ethical Dimension Of African Indigenous Communication Systems: An Analysis• A Critique Of Consensual Democracy And Human Rights In Kwasi Wiredu's Philosophy• Thematization And Perspectivization Of Conflict In Nigeria: The Example Of Selected Yoruba Literary Genres• Peter's Teaching On Leadership: An Examination Of 1 Peter 5:1-3 In The Nigerian Context• A Postcolonial Analysis Of The Literary And Cultural Consequences Of The Abolition Of The 18th Century Trans- Atlantic Slave Trade On The Yoruba Of Southwestern Nigeria• Ezigbo Mmadu: An Anthropological Investigation Into The Concept Of A Good Person In Igbo Worldview• A Critical Review Of The Impact Of Christianity On Calabar, A Nigerian City• The Yoruba Culture Of aso Ebi (group Uniform) In Socio-ethical Context• The Practice Of Democracy In Nigeria: The Pre-colonial Antecedent• "ori" As The Sole Determinant Of Human Personality In Traditional Yoruba African Thought• Story-telling In The Service Of Society: Exploring The Utilitarian Values Of Nigerian Folktales• Ifa And The Consequences Of Literacy: A Philosophical Analysis• A Reading Of Yoruba Traditional Proverbials As Socio-political Satire In Osundare's waiting Laughters• Personhood And Abortion: An African Perspective• Relig
Keywords: Yoruba; Igbo; communication; oral literature; orality / oral tradition; new technology; philosophy; political leadership; postcolonial literature; religion; traditional rule; Yoruba
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