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Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - University of Leeds
Title: Centre for African Studies (LUCAS) - University of Leeds
Creator: Centre for African Studies <Leeds>
Abstract: The Centre for African Studies at hte University of Leeds, UK, gathers several disciplines to offer undergraduate and postgraduate studies in African Studies ("Contemporary Africas: History, Society and Culture" and "Global Development and Africa"). Furthermore, the Centre runs the "Schools Africa Project", which made evaluations about pupils perception of Africa (including online fulltext of reports) and sends students into the school classes to give a different view on Africa. The Centre's newsletter offers you book reviews, annual reports and some interesting articles. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt:• Schools Africa Project >> African Voices 2011 >> Researching Pupil Perceptions of Africa *** Galway Conference Research Paper >> * External Evaluation - Interim (2008) / Final (2010) Report• Newsletter >> Supernumeraries of the Human Race? Reflections on the African 'holocaust'* >> Ibadan 1960
Keywords: image of Africa; African philology / African linguistics; teacher training; school; university; genocide
Countries: Africa. General Resources
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