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Program of African Studies (PAS) - Northwestern University
Title: Program of African Studies (PAS) - Northwestern University
Creator: Northwestern University <Evanston, Ill.
Abstract: Homepage of the Program of African Studies at the Northwestern University, Illinois, USA. The Programme offers Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. You will find broad information on the programme, events, scholarships, the famous Herskovits Library (you will also find some fulltexts about the founder of African Studies in the USA, Melville Herskovits) etc. Furthermore, you will find many fulltext documents under "publications (Working Papers, Newsletter, Conference Reports / Papers). The Programme moreover has two research centres: the Institute for the Study of Islamic Thought in Africa (ISITA) and the Research Alliance to Combat HIV/AIDS. [editors ilissAfrica]
Table of contents: Excerpt: Publications• Newsletters • Working Papers >> Nigeria's Economic Crisis: Bibliographic Sources to 1996 >> "As Artistry Permits and Custom may Ordain: The Social Fabric of material Consumption in the Swahili World, circa 1450-1600" >> "Living Tradition in Africa and the Americas: The Legacy of Melville J. and Frances S. Herskovits": A Sourcebook to the [1998] >> "The Path Is Open": The Herskovitses' Legacy in African Oral Narrative Analysis and Beyond >> Chacun pour soi: Africa and the French State 1958-1998 >> "Reimagining Tradition: The Politics of Succession in Colonial Buganda" >> "Vision and Policy in Nigerian Economics: The Legacy of Pius Okigbo" >> "Discovering Normality in Health and the Reproductive Body" >> "Nigeria After Military Rule: Federalism, Resource Allocation, and Ethnic Politics" >> "Arabic Literature of Africa: Project and Publication" >> "Obama, Africom, and U.S. Military Policy Towards Africa" >> "Rebel Destinies:Remembering Herskovits" >> "American Anthropology in Africa and Afro-America: The Early Days of the Program of African Studies" >> "African Pasts for African Futures in a time of Radical Environmental Change: Notes on History and Policy in Africa's Reconstruction >> "Muslim Relations in the Politics of Nationalism and Secession in Kenya" >> "Setting the Tone: Students' Recollections of Herskovits and the Study of African Arts"• Conference Reports >> Dress, Popular Culture, and Social Action >> Islam and the Public Sphere in Africa >> Nigeria 2007: Political, Social, and Economic Transitions >> Aid, Governance, and Development in Africa (fulltext of papers) >> REACH Conference: HIV/AIDS Prevention in Nigerian Communities >> Migration and Development >> Governance and Insecurity in West Africa >> 2003 Annual HIV/AIDS Experts Forum >> African in Renewal• Annual Report AY 2009-2010
Keywords: Herskovits, Melville J.; African philology / African linguistics; AIDS / HIV; reproduction; birth; health; Islam; university
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