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Bolama - Guinea-Bissau
Title: Bolama - Guinea-Bissau
Creator: Stoppok, Manfred
Abstract: Pivate site about Guinea-Bissau and more specifically the town of Bolama. The links on the left hand side are still rather empty, you will mainly find pictures of Bolama (buildings etc). On the right hand side, you will find more info under "Chronik", presenting news from / about Guinea-Bissau. Last but not least, the blog offers more text (e.g. about carnival or Maggi bouillon cube) and also a lot of pictures. You will also find a small Crioulo dictionary and an index incl. fulltexts of all articles published in "Soronda - Revista de Estudos Guineenses / Boletim de Informação Sócio-Económica" starting from number 1/1986. [editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Creole languages; Crioulo; infrastructure; townscape / cityscape; urbanity / urbanism
Countries: Guinea-Bissau
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Language: German
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