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African Studies Program - Indiana University
Title: African Studies Program - Indiana University
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Creator: Indiana University <Bloomington, Ind.> / African Studies Program
Abstract: "IU's African Studies Program offers a wide spectrum of courses and research in the humanities and social sciences, with special emphasis on history, linguistics, anthropology, folkore, and the arts. Particular emphasis is on research related to three thematic areas: 1) expressive culture; 2) political economy; 3) trans-nationalism." The website has several sub-websites and offers rich ressources, e.g. for African languages or concerning unique library collections. [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Table of contents: • About Us • People • Academics • Events • Resources >> Outreach Program >> Africa Today >> Liberia Collection >> African Research Collection: Selected Highlights *** Digital Somali Library *** Nuer Field Notes Project *** President Banda Archive >> African Student Association >> Graduate Students in African Studies >> African Language Club• Outreach
Keywords: University; African languages; Wolof; Swahili; Bamanankan / Bambara; Akan / Twi; Southern Sudan; Banda, Hastings Kamuzu; Zulu; Nuer
Countries: Africa. General Resources;
Subject areas: Politics » Generalities;
Education & Academia » Higher Education & Research Institutions;
Language » Languages of African Origin;
Further Subjects
Location of the site's editor: USA
Resource type: Libraries;
Universities and Departments;
Individual Working Papers, Preprints;
Collections of Audio-Sources
Language: English
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