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Diversity and Tolerance in the Islam of West Africa
Title: Diversity and Tolerance in the Islam of West Africa
Title alternative: Creating Online Resources of Peaceful Muslim Practice
Creator: MATRIX - The Center for the Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online; Michigan State University <East Lansing, Mich.>; Mark Kornbluh; David W. Robinson; Emmanuel K. Akyeampong; David Wiley
Abstract: "This web site features galleries of audio and video interviews, transcripts, photographs, maps, documents, and multimedia presentations that enable users to explore Islamic traditions in the West African countries of Ghana and Senegal. These rich resources shed light on how Muslims in West Africa accept religious difference and create productive interactions among Christians, Muslims, and practitioners of other faiths.Drawn from a number of African language communities, these materials also provide opportunities for foreign language learners to listen to native speakers of seven African languages -- including Pulaar, Wolof, Mandinka, Jóola Foñi, Bamanankan, Twi, and Hausa." [according to site editor’s information] [changed]
Table of contents: Projects• Everyday Islam in Kumasi• Ajami in the Senegambia• Saint-Louis: Religious Pluralism in the Heart of Senegal
Keywords: Labor; Islam; religion; Arabic script; written culture / writing culture; colonial administration; Koranic school / madrasah
Countries: Gambia;
Subject areas: Religion & Philosophy » Islam
Resource type: Topical Websites;
Individual historical Sources;
Individual Audio-Sources;
Collections of Videos and Films
Language: English
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