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Swaziland Development Finance Corporation (FINCORP)
Title: Swaziland Development Finance Corporation (FINCORP)
Creator: Swaziland Development Finance Corporation <Mbabane>
Abstract: FINCORP was set up with the main aim of economically empowering Swazi people at grassroots level through the provision of sound and sustainable financial services. The Governement is the main shareholder of the private corporation. The main objectives of FINCORP are:
* To finance and promote the development of Swazi-owned Enterprises;
* To support the expansion of loan financing to SMEs;
* To create jobs;
* To make a meaningful contribution to the eradication of poverty among people at grassroots level.
* To support the provision of business advisory services, training, monitoring, technical transfers and development of other products and services for SMEs. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Development financing; Small and medium sized enterprises; Credits; Swaziland; Promotion of economic development
Countries: Swaziland
Subject areas: Economy ยป Generalities
Resource type: Private Companies
Language: English
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