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Twenty Ten: African Media on the Road to 2010 (and beyond)
Title: Twenty Ten: African Media on the Road to 2010 (and beyond)
Creator: World Press Photo; Free Voice <Hilversum>; Africa Media Online <Pietermaritzburg>; lokaalmondiaal <Arnhem>
Abstract: "As part of the Twenty Ten project, this website is dedicated to reporting on African football, related issues and the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa from an African perspective, including audio, video, photo, and text. The topics are inventive and often off the beaten path. Content from African journalists – called the All Stars – representing 34 nationalities will be published on this site, including written articles, images, broadcasts and multimedia productions. " [according to site editor’s information] [supplemented]
Table of contents: Excerpt• Sudanese contrasts(A photo series that puts two Sudanese perspectives into contrast: the national football team and Congolese refugees.)• Soccer at refugee camp(Zimbabwean migrant workers driven out of their communities by South Africans in 2008)• Dreams shattered (South African vendors excluded)• A day in the life of a sex worker (debate over whether to decriminalize prostitution in the run up to the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup)• A female football fan• The woman in black(the first international female football referee in the Democratic Republic of Congo)• Women in Egypt: Trading in their hijabs for soccer boots• Vuvuzela business• 2010 Diski(Diski Dance. Diski is common in South African slang for the game of football)• Gangster’s 2010 dream (exclusion of township residents)• Crime, security and the Soweto soccer stadium• The ball doctor (hand-crafted footballs)• The ultimate challenge for African magicians• My passion for African football(A personal description of the passion for African soccer and the adoration for one great African legend, Jay Jay Okocha.)• Soccer in Black and White(how soccer united black and white during The Struggle in South Africa)• Soweto street bash (Nightlife)• 2010: A catchword in Southern Africa• English soccer overshadows Uganda’s domestic league(because of satellite TV)• Soccer tourism in Ghana• Ghana club rivalry• Kenya’s football fan• The illuminated football field
Keywords: Criminality; dance; FIFA World Cup 2010; sport; migration; female emancipation; women's football / women’s soccer; socioeconomic disadvantage; economic dependence; magic; Apartheid; racial segregation
Countries: Africa. General Resources;
South Africa;
Democratic Republic of the Congo
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