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Ekondo Microfinance Bank, Nigeria
Title: Ekondo Microfinance Bank, Nigeria
Creator: Ekondo Microfinance Bank <Calabar>
Abstract: Ekondo Microfinance Bank became the first existing community bank in Nigeria to be converted to a microfinance bank by the central bank. It currently operates through its four branches (Chamley, Ikang and Etim Edem, Efio-Ette) and six cash centers (with locations ranging from Ika-Ika Oqua to Ikot Nakanda) which are strategically positioned, allowing Ekondo to closely attend to its target population - primarily small scale traders and the artisan population. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Bank services; Financing; Small business/industry; Credits; Microfinance; Nigeria
Countries: Nigeria
Subject areas: Economy ยป Economic Sectors
Resource type: Private Companies
Language: English
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