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Centro de Integridade Pública (CIP), Moçambique
Title: Centro de Integridade Pública (CIP), Moçambique
Title alternative: Center for Public Integrity (CIP)
Creator: Centro de Integridade Pública, Maputo
Abstract: The Center for Public Integrity is an independent NGO with the objective to promote integrity, transparency, ethics and good governance in the public sphere, and to promote human rights in Mozambique. Related documents are downloadable. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
Keywords: Good governance; Corruption; Protection of human rights; Mozambique; Nongovernmental organizations; Human rights
Countries: Mozambique
Subject areas: Politics » Human Rights & Law
Location of the site's editor: Mozambique
Resource type: Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)
Language: English; Portuguese
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