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Africa Research Program - Harvard University
Title: Africa Research Program - Harvard University
Creator: Harvard University <Cambridge, Mass.> / Africa Research Program
Abstract: The Program, focusing on the political economy of sub-Saharan Africa, has a research component and an information component. Research: study of African political institutions; the political determinants of investment and economic growth; and the relationships between ethnicity, human capital, institutions, political participations and violence. Information: surveying, collecting and centralizing comparable political economic data on sub-Saharan Africa:
* A Data area presents a number of the most commonly used publicly available variables used in the study of African political economy.
* A Links area provides a gateway for students looking for further political and economic data.
* A Samples area contains a number of graphical representations of some political variables of interest. The area contains movie-maps of Africa that chart the occurrence of coups, guerrilla warfare and demonstrations over time. [editors ilissAfrica; according to site editor's information]
Keywords: Africa south of the Sahara; Subjects of research; Political economy; Social sciences
Countries: Africa. General Resources
Subject areas: Education & Academia ยป Higher Education & Research Institutions
Location of the site's editor: Massachusetts
Resource type: Research Projekts and Research Databases
Language: English
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