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...Swiss Peace - Sudan Platform... ...entwickelt. Auf der Unterseite zu Sudan findet man viele Volltextartikel und Infos zur...
...Governance and Social Action in Sudan after the Peace Agreement of January 2005... ...Informationen zum Forschungsprojekt "Governance and Social Action in Sudan...
MISA explores the dynamics of migration and its interaction with development cooperation in the transnational social spaces spanning Sub-Sahara Africa and Europe. The main cases analysed are Ghana and Mali. On their website, you can find information concercing PhD projects, publications (some of them as ... [ergänzt]
Homepage of the Kansas African Studies Center. You will find information about the studies' programme. Furthermore, you will find videos, audios and some texts for Hausa and Swahili (under "language", partly created by the students themselves), some papers from conferences and some online articles under ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Homepage of the Institute for African Language of the Göteborg University, which used to be found at the Department of Oriental and African Languages until about 2010, but which was then restructured to belong to the Department of Languages and Literatures. The site offers very extensive information on ... [editors ilissAfrica]
Old homepage of the Institute for African Language of the Göteborg University. The site offers very extensive information on research projects and results, including a lot of full text documents (see especially the journal "Africa & Asia" under Publications). It is also worth looking at the homepages of ... [editors ilissAfrica]
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