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ADRA International is an independent humanitarian agency established by the Seventh-day Adventist Church for individual and community development and disaster relief. ADRA Swaziland supports development cooperation projects and provides humanitarian help in disaster areas. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
The official website of the Central Bank of Swaziland. It describes the history of the bank, provides information on regulation,statistical and economic dates. Mission of the Central Bank of Swaziland: To contribute to Swaziland's national economic development through promotion of monetary stability and ... [according to site editor's information]
Die Deutsche Botschaft in Pretoria ist die offizielle Vertretung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland in Südafrika. Die Botschaft ist auch zuständig für Swasiland und Lesotho. Ein Generalkonsulat befindet sich in Kapstadt. [Redaktion ViFaPol]
FSE & CC is the leading private sector business organisation in Swaziland, which acts as a bridge for cooperation between business and government on efforts to: * Help remove barriers to trade, * Mobilise investment, * Foster a good environment for business, * Promote good practice in corporate ... [according to site editor's information]
Homepage of an NGO that sustains women in Swaziland. The women make baskets and other things out of grass. The site shows the different techniques of braiding, the ways of harvesting and dying the grass etc. Furthermore, there is some info about the localities where the NGO has its branches. [editors ilissAfrica]
Homepage of the honory consulate general of Swaziland in Berlin. You will find information about Swaziland and about the entry regulations. [editors ilissAfrica]
The IDM was established as a regional organisation in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland to help meet the management needs of the Region through management development activities including training, consultancy, research, and the establishment of a Management Resource Centre. The objectives of IDM are inter ... [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
The official website of Mbabane City Council provides some practical information for citizens and about projects of the City Council. [editors ilissAfrica]
Compilation of hisotorical archive photos and (up to date) textes about the history and development of the city of Mbabane, which is now the capital of Swaziland. [editors ilissAfrica]
The website of the Ministry of Finance of Swaziland links to departments of the Ministry and gives access to budget speeches and the latest Medium Term Budget Policy Statement. [editors ilissAfrica]
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