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Site about Senghor of the city of Verson, in the Normandy, where Senghor was mainly living. [editors ilissAfrica]
Site of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Senghor. [editors ilissAfrica]
Site of the Académie Française about their former member Senghor. Short biography, bibliography and a list of speeches that Senghor delivered as a member. Two of the speeches can be read as full text documents. [editors ilissAfrica]
Article by the famous Senegalese writer Boubacar Boris Diop about the antagonistic relationship of two famous Senegalese: Cheikh Anta Diop and Léopold Sédar Senghor. [editors ilissAfrica]
More than 150 broadcasts about Senghor, a lot of them can be viewed online at no cost. [editors ilissAfrica]
Site about Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza. Pierre Paul François Camille Savorgnan de Brazza (1852-1905) was a French explorer of Italian origin. The capital of the Republic of the Congo is named after him (Brazzaville). The site provides extensive and detailed information about his life and expeditions, ... [editors ilissAfrica]
ARD (German association of public broadcasters) special for the 50 years of independence of many African countries in 2010. You will find short information on every African country, interviews and articles about history, literature etc. [editors ilissAfrica]
Homepage of the Archives of Senegal. For content see table of contents. [editors ilissAfrica]
More than 500 ancient photographs / postcards from Senegal (colonial times). [editors ilissAfrica]
Man old and new photographs about Senegal (Dakar, regions, people, Saint-Louis, Île de Gorée, old colonial posters of exhibition etc of French West Africa, etc), old engravings, glass painting, architecture, stamps, bank notes and much more [editors ilissAfrica]
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