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The primary mission of the Francophonie is the promotion of the French language as an international language. Beyond the OIF acts as an development institution for French-speaking developing countries in the areas of education, culture, peace and democracy. It has 55 member states and 13 observers. [editors ilissAfrica]
Diese im Jahr 1997 gegründete Vereinigung besteht aus mehr als 40 Verfassungsgerichten aus Afrika, Europa, Amerika und Asien, deren Gemeinsamkeit die Verwendung der französischen Sprache ist. Die Internetseite der "ACCPUF" stellt folgende Informationen zur Verfügung: - Texte über die Organisation und ... [Gemäß den Informationen des Anbieters - Übersetzung Vifarom]
The Parliament of Rwanda has two Chambers, the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. The site explains the functioning of the Chambers and has informations on the MP's and senators. The text of the constitution is downloadable. [editors ilissAfrica]
The website of the Angolan Parliament provides information on its history, on the members of parliament, the presidency and on parliamentary work and decisions. [editors ilissAfrica]
Mzalendo (meaning patriot in Swahili) is a volunteer run project whose mission is to "keep an eye on the Kenyan Parliament." It is run by two young Kenyans, Ory Okolloh and an author called "M". The site provides information about the Kenyan Parliament and monitors the work of MPs in order to hold them ... [editors ilissAfrica; according to site editor's information]
The site of the National Assembly of Zambia informs about the parliamentary work and institutions. A number of related documents (debates and proceedings, acts, bills etc.) are downloadable. [editors ilissAfrica]
The website of the Parliament of Ghana informs about parliamentary work, provides information about MP's and gives access to some parliament related documents. [editors ilissAfrica]
Le site de l'Assemblée Nationale Togolaise informe sur les différentes commissions du parlement et le processus législatif. Des textes fondamentaux (constitution, code électoral, charte des partis politiques) sont téléchargeables. [rédaction ilissAfrica]
The site of the Parliament of Uganda informs about the history and functions of the parliament, the legislative procedures and MP's. A number of documents (constitution, rules of procedure, Hansard, committee reports) is downloadable. [editors ilissAfrica]
The official web site of the Kenyan Parliament is a resource centre for information concerning the Kenyan legislative process as well as links to other related sites. A number of official documents (Constitution, Guide to Parliament etc.) are downloadable. [according to site editor's information; editors ilissAfrica]
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