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The Imbiza repository aims to integrate openly accessible texts, images, sounds, and videos that capture fans’ perspectives and experiences at World Cup stadiums and fan parks of the 2010 Football World Cup. Their hope is to illuminate various themes that can be gleaned from each site, linking to ... [according to site editor's information]
CIES is a private Swiss foundation created in 1995 by FIFA, the University of Neuchatel, and the City of Neuchatel. CIES specialises in three specific domains: law, sociology and economy of sport, with a view to bring together the sporting and the academic worlds. Universities from different countries ... [supplemented and changed]
L'express is a mauritian online newspage reporting on politics, economy, society, sports and regional as well as international affairs [according to the site editor's information, editorial staff ilissAfrica].
Le Dakar est un magazine en ligne qui traite de la politique ainsi que des questions de tous les jours. Il fournit des informations quotidiennes. [Rédaction ilissafrica]
Site about soccer in Gabon and about the Gabonese National Soccer Team "Les Panthères". You will find infos, news, interviews, photographs, games etc. [editors ilissAfrica]
Lesotho Times is a Lesothoan newspage, reporting on the latest developments e.g. in the fields of politics, economy and sports [according to the site editor's information, editorial staff, ilissAfrica].
Website about a movie on a women's football team on Zanzibar and the reactions of their surrounding - predominantly Muslim - society. You will find a trailer and background information. Furthermore, you will find more information on other films by the female Cameroonian film maker. [editors ilissAfrica]
"Told through the stories of five former prisoners, this is the story of political activists sent to Robben Island in the 1960s who rise above their incarceration by creating a football league and finding an outlet for their passion and commitment to discipline through the beautiful game." [according to site editor’s information]
The Canadian Translation Bureau offers a Pan-African Glossary of Sports which consists of 300 terms — 118 terms for track and field, 89 terms for boxing and 93 terms for football (soccer) — translated into French, Hausa, Lingala, Manden (Mandinka / Bambara / Jula) and Swahili, with English as the ... [changed]
Alegi is the author of several books and articles concerning football in Africa / South Africa. You can look for his articles and books in his publication list. Alegi is assistant professor at Michigan State University. [editors ilissAfrica]
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