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Special Collections "sub-Saharan Africa"

Since 1949, the German Research Foundation (DFG) supports the so-called Special Collections (SSG) at major university and special libraries with funding for the acquisition of specific foreign literature. Each foreign title should be available in Germany at least once and it should be accessible nationwide through interlibrary loan and document delivery.

The conventional literature of the Special Collection 6.31 “sub-Saharan Africa” is collected at the University Library Frankfurt on the Main. The non-conventional (“grey“) literature is collected in the Africa Library of the GIGA Information Centre in Hamburg as Special Collection 6.311. For this reason, the two institutions were entrusted with the development of the virtual library on sub-Saharan Africa.

Information on the acquisitions of the Special Collections can be found on the lists of new acquisitions.

If you miss certain titles, you can send us an acquisition request.

A survey on other DFG Special Collections can be found on the WEBIS website.

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