Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR)
Titel: Forum for African Investigative Reporters (FAIR)
URL: https://fairreporters.wordpress.com/
Autor(en): Forum for African Investigative Reporters
Abstract: FAIR is a professional association of investigative journalists in Africa. Its mission is to enhance, deepen and build investigative journalism as a profession throughout the continent. FAIR was established in May 2003 by 15 investigative journalists from six African countries on the basis of the awareness that, firstly, investigative journalists have a vital role to play to enhance the African public's right to information about all matters of social development and social justice; and, secondly, that African investigative journalists at present face many obstacles, ranging from lack of encouragement and low pay to life-threatening situations. FAIR was established to help investigative journalists help and support eachother in order to overcome these obstacles. [according to site editor's information]
Schlagwörter: Afrika; Internationaler Berufsverband; Journalismus; Journalisten; Meinungsfreiheit/Informationsfreiheit
Länder: Afrika. Übergreifende Ressourcen
Themenbereich(e): Information & Medien » Journalismus & Medien
Sitz des Hg. der Seite: Südafrika
Quellenart(en): Wirtschafts-, Interessen- und Berufsverbände
Sprache(n): Englisch
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