Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN)
Titel: Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN)
URL: http://www.mejn.mw
Autor(en): Malawi Economic Justice Network
Abstract: MEJN is a coalition of more than 100 civil society organizations, which have activities in the field of economic governance. MEJN's membership include NGOs, Community Based Organisations, Trade Unions, representatives of the Media, the academia, among others. The network is committed to poverty reduction through promotion of equitable and just distribution of socioeconomic opportunities through capacity building of civil society, policy research and dissemination, advocacy and monitoring for good economic governance at national and international levels. [according to site editor's information]
Schlagwörter: Armutsbekämpfung; Dachorganisation/Spitzenverband; Malawi; Nichtregierungsorganisation; Politische Partizipation; Zivilgesellschaft
Länder: Malawi
Themenbereich(e): Wirtschaft » Entwicklungspolitik & Armut
Quellenart(en): Nichtregierungsorganisationen (NGO)
Sprache(n): Englisch
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